Ready for the start of our 2010 Season!

After a refreshing trip to San Francisco I’m looking forward to the beginning of our 2010 season!!

Things kick off with our first wedding this weekend and the calendar looks nice and full for the rest of the spring. Thanks to our friends and clients who have spread the word about Valley Creek Productions and the quality of work that we do.  A special thanks to our videographers Tony Alessi and Joe Kelly who have been helping to grow the business.

This off-season has been very busy for us. In addition to new HD cameras we also upgraded our editing system to support Blu-Ray and the new HD content we will be shooting this spring. I love our new equipment and I can’t wait to use it later this month.

As we move into spring, I wanted to remind our friends and clients that you are eligible for our Dinner On Us referral program. Refer a potential client our way and if they book you will receive a gift card to your favorite restaurant. Contact us for more details!!

Last thing…your feedback makes a big difference to us! If you are a former client, one great way you can help us is to post a review.  Wedding Wire is a great place where many brides visit and we are looking to increase our visibility there.  Follow the link below to let others know what a great experience you had with us!

With your help, this season should be awesome…keep watching the blog and our Facebook page  for new video in the coming months!!

Justin Chan, Valley Creek Productions

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Elra W Huntley: In His Own Words

About five years ago before I formed Valley Creek Productions I decided it would be a good idea to interview my grandfather on video.  He was  getting up in years and I wanted his history preserved. I knew he served in Korea and a little about his early history but a lot of the other stories he told I had never heard before and were new and interesting to me.

Since this was before I started the videography business I used a consumer camcorder with a wired lapel microphone and sat him down. Over the course of a few hours I asked him questions. I also sat down with my grandmother to get her take on some of the stories he told.

All of the film from Korea and Japan was shot by my Grandfather. We had the 8 mm film transferred to DVD a while back. Almost all the photos are his too. This project was several years in the making. partially because I was only working on it in my spare time and partially because I was working hard to find photos from old family albums that would match what he was talking about.

As I wrote on the cover of the DVD I gave out to all of our family members, this film will preserve these memories and stories for the next generation.

Below is a link to the interview. It’s broken into 5 segments to make viewing easier and runs a little under 60 minutes. I hope you enjoy viewing a little of our family’s history. If you’re interested in doing something like this for your family contact us for more information!

Update: My grandpa passed away on January 13th. He was an great man and I am so happy to have known him. On our last visit a few weeks ago we got the family together to show everyone this video.  He was so proud and happy then and I’m glad I got it done in time for him to see it. Afterwards we took a family photo which I added below.

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Tim’s Graduation Video

Shooting video at family events is something we do best, and it’s especially fun when it’s my own family. Back in June I shot my cousin Tim’s high school graduation from Susquehanna Valley High School in Conklin, NY

Video is one of those things that I’m always happy to shoot when I’m around family and friends during special occasions.  These are memories that will only get more valuable as time goes on.

A few years back my mom had all of my grandfather’s Super8 movies transferred to DVD.  Watching those now is so amazing for me.  Being able to see my grandparents in their prime and my mom and uncles growing up was very interesting. I’m glad I’ll have those videos to watch for years to come even as I create my own.

Check out Tim’s short graduation video up on our website in the family events section.

Tim and I after his graduation in June

Tim and I after his graduation in June

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