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Valley Creek Productions is a corporate video production company with an in-house staff of event videography professionals who specialize in helping your company create the best marketing materials possible.

Valley Creek Productions offers creative, industry-professional, corporate video production in Chester County.

The Valley Creek Productions team sets the bar high to create an effective, unique corporate video for your company. As videography professionals, we operate in a competitive industry; therefore, we strive to provide you with the highest quality possible in video production. We understand that even small details matter. Our team wants your video to reflect that you are the best in your business.

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Providing full-service corporate video production with a professional video commercial crew in Chester County.

We are an Award-Winning Video Production Team in Chester County

Corporate video production in Chester County has been a strong area of focus for Valley Creek Productions. Valley Creek Productions offers corporate video services for a number of company events and purposes. Our video production services focus on capturing quality content, and delivering on those “key moments” that create inspiring, value-driven, company commercials and video footage for corporate enterprises.


Company Banquets and Luncheon Videos

Company Announcements and Recap Videos

Marketing and Advertising Video Commercials

Corporate Summits and Event Videos

Internal Communication Videos

Videography for Awards Ceremonies

Corporate Videography for Marketing and Branding

Providing Corporate Video Production Services in Chester County

Valley Creek Productions is known to provide the best service in videography for corporate enterprises. Our videographers are trained to execute videography in the corporate space. Furthermore, we work together with your team to design, discover, and deliver the best approach to create your video commercial. To achieve your desired results, we apply our experience to capture the essence of your brand. Next, utilizing our technique and creative process, we capture the visual and commercial appeal of your company. Last, but not least, we deliver your video experience with powerful, quality, and purposeful commercial video production team in Chester County.

Our Corporate Videography services can improve your marketing presence in Chester County.

Corporate Video Production and Videography

Corporate video production is a cornerstone service offered by Valley Creek Productions. It’s an amazing way to stay ahead of your competition. Corporate videos allow you to share your message globally in a colorful and dynamic format that’s strong enough to grab anyone’s attention. A corporate business video can act as a primary marketing source or be used for internal communications purposes like employee training, product demonstrations, investor presentations and much more! We have various styles of corporate videography to perfectly fit in with your target market and industry.

Media and TV Broadcast Commercial

Are you filming for television or looking to reach a large segment of your audience? A corporate, broadcast video commercial is one of the best ways to introduce your company to consumers. This type of business video can include messages from the CEO, or product experts within your company. Our approach to the corporate, broadcast video is to create a video production that reaches a specific audience. To begin, we create a strategy that focuses on people within and beyond your target market. Then, we break your commercial into storytelling “segments.” This is done to create a firm and clear message that resonates with your viewers. The goal for this commercial may include taking a personal approach, such as, showing pictures of inside the enterprise or giving a little company history. Our primary goal is to “wow” your viewers and get a clear message across within a designated time-frame.

Testimonial Video Commercials

Looking to add social proof to your product or service? Valley Creek Productions creates testimonial videos that remind your audience of your commitment to excellence. Valley Creek Productions helps corporate companies create testimonial videos as one of the best ways to connect with their consumers. Testimonials are great because they offer real-life examples of people who love the service. They are effective because they feature honest individuals, specifically, those who are willing to offer product reviews after they have tested your product. Testimonial video production is becoming an important part of marketing as most consumers will read a review before a purchase or buying experience. Valley Creek Productions can helps create testimonials that lets the market know that your product is worth buying and lives up to its standing and promotional claims.

Online Video Commercial (YouTube)

Are you looking to create a YouTube Ad, or similar commercial video that can target your online audience? Online video commercials are considered low-risk, high-return investments in corporate video production. Valley Creek Productions has the experience and capability to create and produce video for online commercials with great quality and results. Many online commercials rely on good storytelling. While using storytelling as a selling point, the online video commercial allows companies to create a great video commercial message with a stronger consideration of budget. Small and medium corporate businesses are finding this concept to be very useful. While a considerably “large” budget is required for broadcast video, our more budget-friendly option might be the “online or corporate commercial. Both video production strategies have their benefits.

Internal Communication and Training Videos

Valley Creek Productions helps companies create videos that have a long-term effect on their internal communications. You can send video updates such as employee trainings, or annual company meetings that easily be sent to your remote workers or immediately to different departments. Internal communication videos are also replicable. They’ll not only help save time and costs, but also replace outdated materials such as old training videos or employee handbooks. Additionally, you can get your entire staff to remain up-to-date on the latest company policy changes by using demonstration and training videos.

Town-Halls and Social Media Video Production

Valley Creek Productions has helped the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce and countless other organizations in their messaging for Town-Halls across multiple platforms. Town halls are a great way to introduce the public to news releases and other information that would be consider of “interest.” Often, town hall videos allow for transparency to reveal a company’s past and current plans in the market. Additionally, they help “invested “audiences receive a clear picture of a company’s recent updates and notifications. With preparation, town hall video production can also provide insight into future plans that may positively impact their followers and community. W

Marketing and Promotional Video Production

Marketing and advertising videos are an excellent source for marketing and creating promotional materials. Valley Creek Productions is adept to helping companies find a creative technique to reach their target audiences. From start to finish, our team of experienced videographers plan your video marketing commercial to be effective. In order for our corporate clients to meet their goal, our team makes use of high-quality, industry-competitive techniques and equipment. Once finished, the marketing videos are perfect for both online and offline distribution. As an option, our video production team is capable of distributing the final product in the form of DVDs. Or, if our client prefers, their marketing video can be formatted for online media and commercial advertising.

Conferences, Banquets and Seminars

Valley Creek Productions provides companies with video production for important events. Banquets, conferences, and other gatherings all require strict, yet creative planning and preparation. Though planning for such events are a big task for most companies, Valley Creek Productions has a streamlined process to ensure that each event is met with services above the industry standard to create a high-quality production. We staff our video production team depending on the venue size and the attendance of the event. Therefore, no matter how big, small, or significant the occasion, we have a an experienced video team prepared to get the best results with a worry-free production.

Similar to event videos, conferences, banquets, and seminars also allow audiences to watch your company presentations without leaving home. We are also capable of live-streaming events, such as award ceremonies or seminars, which is perfect for long-duration recording.

Our videography services turn corporate events into beautiful, video commercial experiences.

Commercial Video Advertising in Chester County for Corporate Offices

Improve your message, products, and brand awareness with a video commercial in Chester County

At Valley Creek Productions, we create impactful videos for corporate and commercial advertising. For example, corporate advertising videos allow companies to make connections with their audiences in a way unlike any other medium. First, Valley Creek Productions helps brands establish an emotional bond with their audiences. Next, we create a story and distribute the content through our proven video and filmmaking techniques. After that, Valley Creek Productions crafts content to reach customers and prospects on a personal level. In summary, this can lead to huge results for your company.

How Does Corporate Video Production Benefit your Company?

  • Exceptional video content. Our video content is captured and edited into segments to provide easy access and viewing.
  • A range of media solutions. From event highlights, to trailers, and demos and marketing packages, we can help you get your message out in the best possible way. We also offer full event segments that integrate PowerPoint content and graphic materials.
  • Distribution experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all aspects of online and offline distribution, including music licensing, website distribution, and DVD/Blu-Ray authoring and duplication.
  • Experienced and skilled professional videographers. Our team of experienced videographers is why we were voted one of the top three videographers on Philly Hot List.

  • State-of-the-art equipment. We utilize high-definition cameras including drones and professional grade lighting and audio recording to generate the highest possible footage.

  • Formats to suit the unique needs of your business. We can provide standard digital formats ideal for corporate media distribution, websites, training videos, advertisements, or commercial production.

We Perform Corporate Videography in 3 Simple Steps for Powerful Video Production in Chester County.

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